Animator’s Survival Kit by RIchard Williams Book Review

The “how-to” is the oldest and most enduring of animation books. There’s something about the magic of animation that has always made people inquire, “How’d they do it?” And ever since E.G. Lutz started this genre in 1920, there’s been quite a steady stream of titles purporting to give the answer. But this one is the best.

Book Description

Animation is amongst the hottest and the most creative areas of movie making these days . Throughout his over Forty years in the industry, Richard Williams has become among the true leaders, and functions as the connection between the golden age of animation by hand and the new computer animation accomplishments.

Within this animation book, based upon his own sold-out Animation Masterclass in the us and also across The European countries, Williams provides fundamental concepts of animation that every single animator – starting from beginner to professional, traditional animator to computer animation expert – really needs.

Making use of a huge selection of drawings, Williams distills the strategies of the experts right into a working system to produce a manuscript this is certainly the standard work with just about all sorts of animation for experts, students and animation enthusiasts.

The latest expanded edition features much more about animal action, invention and realism with detailed animation examples

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