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Animation Books
MasterClass in a Book: A summation of Richard Williams’ brilliant traveling seminar on animation is now widely available as a must-have book, aptly titled The Animator’s Survival Kit. Also, the life and work of Disney’s Nine Old Men, by John Canemaker. Both, reviewed in books

The Golden Age of Animation Books: Is there any doubt what a lucky time this is to be a reader of new animation books? The last month has given us two instant classics, by John Canemaker and Richard Williams.

2001 E.G. Lutz Award Goes to…

Keith Scott’s The Moose That Roared, a very deserving book that pleased more than just the fans of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

MONSTER INK? Concept Art from Pixar, but Stuff is Left in the Closet:
It’s a terrific new movie, but shouldn’t we expect a little more from its book? Quite a bit of good inspirational art was generated for the benefit of the 3D modelers and animators working on this film, and the results are delighting holiday moviegoers. Yet, I scare because I care… books.

Cartoons and War: In its hundred years as a filmed medium, animation has frequently been involved in wartime sentiment. One WWII anecdote culled from Bill Peet’s autobiography suddenly has a newfound relevancy. It begins like a Raymond Chandler novel: “I bombed New York with great reluctance.” In news.

Robin Allan receives Book Award: Dr. Allan is all over the news, winning a book award, reporting on events in Marceline, and proposing a December toast, in news. Also, visit the forum for some updates from John Kenworthy on his excellent new Ub Iwerks book.

Hand Behind a Mouse, Voice Behind a Boy: One is highly recommended, the other is not. The Ub Iwerks biography, The Hand Behind The Mouse, is an overdue book about one of the great pioneers of animation. The other is Nancy Cartwright’s reflections on voicing Bart Simpson for more years than the character is old. Both are reviewed in books.


Gardner’s Books: An interesting find is the Garth Gardner Company, which among other things publishes books on animation. Haven’t had a chance to review any of these titles, as distribution of its books is limited, but the presentation at this publisher’s website is quite nice. Certainly worth an online browse.
Book news: In conjunction with the Annecy Festival, a book on animator Alexandre Alexeieff has been published. In books.
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